Processes and Quality

Processes 1/6

Lambs are transported.

Processes 2/6

Lambs covered pens rest under a reasonable time prior to processing.

Processes 3/6

Important are the classification of channels, high voltage electrical stimulation (AC & A) and temperature control.

Processes 4/6

Quality control is performed in all departments of the facility under the operation of an approved HACCP.

Processes 5/6

The court room, staffed with highly qualified to perform this work to obtain a homogeneous product of high quality.

Processes 6/6

The products are produced in fresh and frozen in a variety of packages to meet customer requirements.



Frigorífico Simunovic today is the largest and modern procesor and cold storage plant of Chile with 24 thousand square metres of constructed plant in 7.5 hectares of Patagonia on the shores of Strait of Magellan. Entablishment 12-01 was the first plant in Chile to be approved to export to more than 20 other countries including Brasil, Argentina, Peru, Mexico, Canada and Japan.

The live lambs and cattle are transported directly from the farms in purpose adapted trucks and received at the plant by personnel of the Servicio Agricola y Ganadero (SAG) who certify the origin and good sanitary condition. The animals are rested in covered yards before beginning de processed. Prominent control within the process are carcass classificaction, high voltage electrical stimulation, time and temperature in chillers end packaging processes until the final dispatch. 

Highly qualified personnel carry out these the processes im the cutting area, obtaining products of high quality either chilled or frozen according to the clients’ requirements.


Quality control is a basic in alimentary businesses. Frigorífico Simunovic S.A. is licensed to opérate under the HACCP program (Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points). During all industrial processes, monitoring of control points is continuously performed to assure that a final product of the highest quality is obtained.

It is then inspected under the system internationally know as CUSUM (Cumulative Summary). The control of temperature during all processes is a priority for our company. Three systems are utilized to maintain the high standards required by us and by our clients. The limited origin of livestock supplies makes traceability a simple task.
All carcasses and products carry a barcode which makes their farms of origin traceable during any given part of the process.